A dance film in the sense of manipulated movement explored and expressed. Another solo-of-sorts, the close up and cut up of my face pulled and pushed by an unseen manipulator.

Filmed and edited: Nicola van Straaten



Puppet – James and Bobby Purify


With A Little Help From My Friends

A short stop motion film, made for part of my Honours thesis in Dance Studies at the University of Cape Town, in 2012. Paying a sort of homage to two choreographers who greatly influenced how I think about dance, the inserted images act as a brief and blurred visual citation to the kind of choreographic works that made me interested in choreography. The film also attempts to emphasize the disjointed and disconnected way in which the world allows us to find our influences and suggests questions regarding where we fit into what we make and what makes us. (It is not without a bemused and bewildered awareness that I acknowledge the fact that the two choreographers who have influenced me the most are not South African, or even African, but European and I still wonder if this fact is anyway interesting and/or important to the art I make).

Performed by Nicola van Straaten

Music: Bicycle Cycle by Robin Brink
Editor: Nicola van Straaten and Robin Brink