Genesis 2.7

Having always been deeply influenced by text and movement, my childhood was largely dominated by two founding features – the Bible and Ballet. I have since then pursued a path of reflection, reaction and re-discovery. I have recently embarked on a choreographic project of looking at each body part mentioned in the Bible. This short film is a small manifestation of thoughts around the first body part mentioned in the Bible, oddly enough – the nostril. Considering breath, the inhale and the exhale, the films seeks to look at (however abstractly) the idea of two opposing features that define each other within a whole.

Music by Sebastian Borckenhagen (
Performed and edited by Nicola van Straaten (

Screened at:

Tanzrauschen International Dance on Screen Festival, Wuppertal, Germany (2016)
Teatro Martins Gonçalvez, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (2016)
AiM – Africa in Motion at the Dance Base, Edinburgh Scotland (2016)

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